Sputter PVD Coatings

SputteR PVD Coating, Apex Cutting Tools, Cutters in Niagara

APEX Cutting Tools offers high-quality Sputter PVD Coatings for a range of applications in large or small batch quantities.


ALOX® SN² is an ultra-modern supernitride, designed specifically for the maching of steel, cast-iron and high-strength alloy.

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Hyperlox is an ideal nanocomposite cutting tool coating for processing difficult-to-machine materials on a daily basis.

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SuperTin titanium nitride coating is a profitable option for the processing of steels with low and medium cutting speeds. Its single-layer coating structure increases tool life by 27% compared to uncoated tools.

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CC AluSpeed®

The light grey coating material, CC AluSpeed, was especially developed for high-performance machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

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Is hard-processing a tough nut to crack? Not if you have the right tools for the job like CemeCon HSN².

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