CC AluSpeed®

CC AluSpeed®

The light grey cutting tool coating material, CC AluSpeed, was especially developed for high-performance machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

With its low affinity to aluminum, AluSpeed prevents the formation of built-up edges to a particularly large extent. The extremely smooth surface reduces friction on the face and makes machining easier.

Accurately constructed, the high degree of hardness also guarantees excellent wear protection.

  • Colour: Silver-Grey;
  • Microhardness Temperature (°C): 4,000;
  • Maximum Application: 900;
  • Coating Structure: Monolayer

Case Study

  • Application: 3FL, Ø1/2" Carbide Endmill
  • Part: Aluminum Hinge Bracket
  • Processing Time: 58 minutes (Uncoaded Carbide Endmill)
  • Current Tool Life: 3 Slots (2100mm Total Length)
    Speed - 7334 rpm
    Feed - 154 ipm
  • Failure Mode: Significant flute build when SFM was increased
  • Coating: CC AluSPeed (TiB2)
  • Results: Niagara Tools CC AluSpeed Coated Endmill
    Tool Life - 7 Slots (5600 mm Total Length)
    Speed - 9167 rpm
    Feed - 192.5 mm/min
  • Improvement: 20% decrease in cycle time

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