Indexable Cutting Tools

Indexable Cutting Tools, Apex Cutting Tools, Cutters in Niagara

In today’s economy putting your money where it matters is more important than ever. APEX Indexable Cutting Tools put the expensive cutting material only were you need it- at the cutting edge.

On The Cutting Edge

APEX Cutting Tools manufactures new and repairs existing indexable cutting tools, as well as modifying existing tooling to use better, less-expensive inserts to benefit your bottom line.

APEX Cutting Tools in-house 3D design and build capabilities streamlines your process so you can focus on your priorities.

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Indexable Tools, Apex Cutting Tools, Cutters in Niagara

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With over 30 years of experience and full-spectrum, 24/7 single-source service you'll get the cutting tools you need, when you need them.