CemeCon Coatings

Industrial Cutting Tool Coatings, Apex Cutting Tools, Cutters in Niagara

Guarantee extraordinary cutting tool performance with industry-leading CemeCon sputter PVD technology. With a wide selection of coating options that are cost effective in both large and small batches, you're guaranteed the most effective tool coating for every application.

CemeCon Coatings, APEX Cutting Tools, Cutters in Niagara

Performance Coating

CemeCon is recognized worldwide as the leader in PVD sputter coatings and the market leader in CVD Diamond coatings.

For over 30 years, CemeCon has delivered state-of-the-art vacuum coating technologies and techniques for cutting tools providing the coating service, coating equipment, process technology, installation support, and training needed for succcess. With installations in the United States, Europe, and Asia CemeCon is able to provide support both locally and globally.

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With over 30 years of experience and full-spectrum, 24/7 single-source service you'll get the cutting tools you need, when you need them.