ALOX® SN² is an ultra-modern supernitride, designed specifically for cutters used in the machining of steel, cast-iron and high-strength alloy.

It's remarkably high wear volume offers extraordinary adhesion, even with very thick coatings, making it an ideal choice for solid carbide cutting tools and indexable cutting inserts.

  • Colour: Black Anthracite;
  • Microhardness Temperature (°C): 3,500;
  • Maximum Application: 1,100;
  • Coating Structure: Nanocomposite

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Case Study

  • Application: Solid Carbide Drill
  • Part: Powdered Metal Carrier
  • Current Tool Life: 200 parts (Coated Carbide Drill)
    Speed - 2500 rpm
    Feed - 350 mm/min
  • Failure Mode: Significant wear after 200 parts (1000 holes)
  • Coating: ALOX SN²
  • Results: Niagara Tools Drill Coated with ALOX SN²
    Tool Life - 600 pcs (3000 holes)
    Speed - 3200 rpm
    Feed - 1100 mm/min
  • Improvement: 300% increase in tool life

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